What if you could hire Leonardo da Vinci as your next speaker?


Scott is the modern day da Vinci and will inspire your group to rediscover their own ability for innovation.


Unite and excite your team as they collaborate and support one another using proven techniques of improvisational theater.


Ignite productivity generated by taking an innovative approach to projects.


Inspire unique solutions to everyday challenges.


Prosper from perspective to see more than what the picture first portrays.


``Scott, thank you for bringing back the enthusiasm to our team meetings. Your presentation empowered the spirit of everyone attending and took their motivation to another level. Your inspiring speech, easy to follow techniques and most importantly creativity approach, not only encouraged our complacent team members to step up but those who lacked confidence, now believe they can - thanks to you! I look forward to you joining us for many more team meetings in the future.``
- Irma Conde, GM Property West Residential

Creativity is more than an art, it’s a skill, a dynamic force that often underlies success. Scott Shellstrom knows this all too well. He’s reinvented himself from a top talent inside some of the biggest advertising agencies, to a comedian working prominent New York City improv stages, to an artist with paintings that have hung on some of the most prestigious gallery walls. Throw in Travel Channel host and “first white guy on Soul Train” and you see why Shellstrom is jack of all creative trades and now master of one.

Walter Isaacson talks about how we can all be like Leonardo with his AMAZING new biography to be released this fall!


The sensational “Unleash Your Inner Da Vinci™” keynote is an energetic, interactive 45-minute experience that motivates audiences to uncover their hidden problem-solving abilities to achieve success in business and any area of their life.

Shellstrom inspires the unique creative force within everyone with moving, rarely heard stories about Leonardo da Vinci, laugh-out-loud improvisational comedy and a masterpiece painting done in four minutes, upside down as a crescendo.

``Scott spoke to our Sales & Marketing Leadership Alliance and made a huge impression! His style, content and delivery is so different than the typical, canned presentations we see on a regular basis, and his approach was very refreshing. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our members.``
- Ken Schmitt, Founder and CEO Dynamic Disruption - SoCal Sales & Marketing Summit
``Scott, thank you very much for speaking at my client appreciation dinner! Your high energy and enthusiastic approach really got this group engaged and entertained throughout the evening. You undoubtedly motivated the crowd to bring out the creativity that sits within us all. I received lots of complements from our guests as they were departing and they were impressed with your many talents. We truly appreciate you helping to make our event a great success! ``
- Josh Koehnen, CFP®, President, Premier Wealth Management, Inc.





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da Vinci got his best gigs from his friends, so please (be a good Medici) share this with someone that might need their group to invent a new flying machine.