Modern day Da Vinci, accomplished artist, keynote speaker, and creativity innovator who uses improv comedy techniques and captivating fast painting in every program

Scott Shellstrom Programs

Scott’s programs will unleash your team’s natural ability to innovate as they collaborate and support one another using proven techniques of improvisational theater. He sparks productivity and inspires unique solutions to everyday challenges. He teaches how to prosper from seeking new perspectives.


The following are 2 of his most popular programs.


Unleash Your Inner Da Vinci

Shellstrom inspires the unique creative force within all of us with moving, rarely heard stories about Leonardo da Vinci, laugh-out-loud improvisational comedy and master piece paintings done in four minutes, with the last painted upside down as a crescendo.

The sensational Unleash Your Inner Da Vinci keynote is an energetic, interactive experience that motivates audiences to uncover their hidden problem- solving abilities to achieve success in business and in any area of their life.

• Unite and excite your team as they collaborate and support one another using proven techniques of improvisational theater
• Ignite productivity generated by taking an innovative approach to projects
• Inspire unique solutions to everyday challenges

• Prosper from perspective to see more than what the picture first portrays

Breakthrough Brainstorming:

Fun, Fast Strategies to Unleash Your Brilliance!

Effective brainstorming leads to idea generation and multiple solutions required to thrive in today’s constantly changing business environment. However, there’s more to effective brainstorming than simply throwing out ideas in a group setting. In fact, research supports this traditional method hinders and prevents the best ideas from surfacing. Attendees will overcome this challenge by employing the skills of Improv that forward-thinking companies such as Google, Nike, and Nissan have incorporated into their sessions to spark innovative dialogue, break down barriers, and ignite creative solutions. As a result of attending this program you will:

• Identify specific strategies for brainstorming success
• Unite and excite your team through powerful, proven techniques of improvisational theater
• Breakthrough barriers such as unconscious bias and mindset to maximize outcomes

``Scott, thank you very much for speaking at my client appreciation dinner! Your high energy and enthusiastic approach really got this group engaged and entertained throughout the evening. You undoubtedly motivated the crowd to bring out the creativity that sits within us all. I received lots of complements from our guests as they were departing and they were impressed with your many talents. We truly appreciate you helping to make our event a great success!``

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